Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thetford Mines goes "un moment svp" on Hockeyville votes

While they may still be celebrating success in Terrace from last Saturday's Kraft Hockeyville announcement, out Quebec way they're wondering about that vote count!

Citing the "authority" of Bell Canada, Luc Berthold, the Mayor of Thetford Mines claims that his community was short changed by some 2 million, 260 thousand and 635 votes. A gap of two thirds which he says might very well have cost his town the crown as Hockeyville for 2009.

Terrace won the competition with a vote total of just over 1.9 million votes.

The organizers of the Hockeyville project are sticking to their vote count, claiming that they only counted those votes which were done using the three voting channels established in the rules and regulations, which were by texting, 222111, calling the 1-866 number and by voting online at

It is probably unlikely that after all the hoopla and celebration of last Saturday that the CBC and Kraft are going to go and say oopsie we made a mistake, but it certainly will call the entire voting process into question and no doubt spur on the organizers to find a more reliable and less controversial method of counting the votes for next years competition.

The Terrace Standard has posted a report on the sudden controversy over the vote, there was no indication given as to whether Thetford Mines has any other plans to question the vote, but in a Canadian Press story they do explain how they would like some answers and perhaps a review of the voting procedures.

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