Friday, March 13, 2009

Get out of the courts and into your cars!

The BCGEU is once again floating the idea of having the province’s sheriff’s office take on more than just the transport of those facing the justice system and watching over the proceedings of the court room.

If the union is able to convince the powers to be in Victoria, you may soon find your local jailer taking some time away from court to serve out warrants and write up traffic tickets.

Dean Purdy, chair of the union's corrections component is hopeful that the government will give more consideration to their idea than they did back in 2007 when they rejected the prospect of the sheriff’s of the province expanding their work duties. He believes the time is right for another try at the project and suggests it would be a helpful addition in recruitment for the sheriff's contingent.

The BCGEU points to Alberta where the sheriff’s have been providing warrant and traffic duties since 2006, a project which Alberta officials claims has been a valuable resource in allowing the RCMP to move on to the more pressing crimes in their communities.
Attorney-General Wally Oppal has said he'll give some consideration to the idea, though he has concerns about overstretching the workload of the province's sheriff's.

But with Vancouver in the middle of a real time shoot em up gang war, there may be no better time for the BCGEU proposal to get the green light.

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