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Podunk Below the Masthead, Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sharing the experiences of the Maori, thirty days notice for the Inlander's owner and a former Rupertite longs for the luge, three of the items of note in the Tuesday edition of the Daily News.

PRIOR LEADER OF MAORI SHARES ABORIGINAL - GOV'T RELATIONSHIPS-- Maori leader Teru White shared his experiences of aboriginal self sufficiency in New Zealand with residents of Port Simpson on Monday night, outlining how the Maori people found ways to reduce dependence on governmental influence and became more self sustaining through the recent years. Similar interests would seem to inter twine the two peoples, the Maori have developed their lifestyle along fishing and tourism industries, similar industries as those First Nations of the North coast.

White was brought to the north coast by author Calvin Helin, who has long been a critic of the current structure of band councils and the Assembly of First Nations system and brought White to his hometown to share his stories and to help spark the spirit to take matters of development into their own hands at Lax Kw'alaams.

Elsewhere in Tuesday's paper, the Inlander Hotel, currently a burned out eyesore in the downtown core has been issued a thirty day demolition order by City Council. The order was unanimously passed by council at their March 23rd session, a number of councillors spoke out in favour of the order expressing their concerns over the nature of the structure and the hazards it may pose in its current state of damage.

Owner Ivan Rudman had been contacted earlier in the month by the Fire Chief regarding the public safety concerns but with the lack of progress in demolition since the March 4th fire, council stepped in and provided their order of demolition. The building currently sits as a burned out half shell of a building and has been the scene of occasional scavenging over the last few weeks. Monday's order should result in it's demolition and removal as a civic eyesore just before the spring and summer tourist season gets underway.

City council also received a presentation from 15 year old Emily Rudderham, who is working hard to make sure that Prince Rupert is one of the participating communities of Earth Hour this year, which takes place on March 28th from 8:30 to 9:30. Miss Rudderham outlined her hopes for the city's involvement and is looking for those willing to help out to step up and join her. City council did it's part, passing a motion later that evening naming Prince Rupert as an active supporter of Earth Hour.

With thoughts of 2010 on his mind, a former Rupertite has his eyes set on the luge track for the Vancouver Games. Tuesday's Daily News sports page profiled Brendan Hauptman, who left Prince Rupert in 1996 as a youngster now is a member of the senior men's luge team. As he continues with his training and works his way up the rankings nationally, he has ambitions to make it into the Olympic team line up.

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