Monday, March 02, 2009

Podunk Below the Masthead, Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Daily News featured a look a the state of the local fire hall, an update on the progress of the new ferry for the North coast and a reminder that the annual Hobiyee is on the horizon.

PRINCE RUPERT'S FIRE HALL NEEDS MORE THAN TLC-- The fate of Prince Rupert's aging fire hall provided the feature for the front page headline story in Tuesday's paper with a review of some of the ailments of the fifty year structure. Missing insulation, improper wiring and a less than reliable heating system are some of the problems that plague the building. It was recently floated by Mayor Jack Mussallem that perhaps an combined emergency services building might be the answer for the city's fire, police and ambulance services.

Elsewhere in the paper was a quick update on the progress of the Northern Expedition, the recently completed ferry for BC Ferries which soon will be operating on the Northern route of the Ferry service. The article featured details of a local couple that had been viewing the progress of the ferry on the Internet as it passed through the Panama Canal.

The reminder for that First Nations will be celebrating Hobiyee 2009 on February 27 and 28 also featured prominently in the Tuesday edition, the celebration brings residents of many First Nations communities in the region, this years event took place in Greenville.

The Sports department recounted the success of the PRSS Jr. Rainmakers who claimed their championship banner on February 21. The paper also reviewed the end of the Minor Hockey Peewee Seawolves season.

Total pages in Tuesday's edition (12)

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