Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Highway of Tears to be featured in German magazine

Two German journalists have just concluded their own journey along the Highway of Tears, as they travelled Highway 16 from Prince George to Prince Rupert.

The Prince George Citizen provided a glimpse into their efforts with an on line feature on Tuesday that outlined the efforts of writer Dirk Bˆttcher and photographer Birthe Piontek who have been detailing the cases of the missing and murdered of Highway 16, stopping in a number of communities along the way to share the stories and the sorrow of those that have disappeared.

The two German journalists for Neon magazine, a contemporary affairs publication in Germany which sent the two to Canada to learn more about some of the more mysterious and tragic of unsolved cases on the RCMP files. The pair also believe that the story is of such interest that a potential documentary film may be in the offing as well.

Their observations provide an interesting viewpoint from those who are not close to the investigations, but perhaps offer some perspective from a different prism of thought.

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