Monday, March 23, 2009

Lead feet leave city coffers flush with cash

Once again, Prince Rupert residents are putting money into the city's bank account through their apparent frequent need for speed and other motor vehicle distractions...
The annual cheque cutting exercise from the Provincial government has taken place, as municipalities across the province benefit from the enforcement of the provinces traffic regulations, providing for some needed financial windfalls for many towns and cities.

Opinion 250 has provided a chart of those communities surrounding Prince George, and for those north and west of that city, Prince Rupert has placed third in revenue generation when it comes to traffic fines paid out.

Prince Rupert's traffic section recorded $251,705 in revenue for the city in 2008, with only Fort St. John at $312,547 and Prince George with $1,360,445 ahead of of us.

By comparison, Terrace's driving public only contributed $223,942 in revenue generation while Smithers was positively parsimonious and apparently law abiding with but $92,043 collected as the municipal share of the fines.

The participating communities receive their share based on their contributions to total municipal policing costs.

Overall in British Columbia, the province returned some 63 million dollars to communities across the province as their share of the revenues.

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