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Podunk Below the Masthead, Monday, February 23, 2009

With a new editor at the helm and a change of direction in the interpretation of the local news scene , we begin a reinvention of our own in the way we relay information from the Daily News with our Podunk Below the Masthead feature.

The local paper began its latest reincarnation on February 23rd.

$2 MILLION TO BE RECEIVED BY LOCAL FIRST NATIONS, the front page headline story featured some background on a funding program that will offer up training for First Nations residents of the area, all designed to as Maynard Angus puts it "facilitate aboriginal employment at the new Fairview container facility and other port businesses"

In the same edition of the Daily, a review of recent changes at School District 52 where superintendent Eric Mercer and the School District parted company at a most surprising time, midway through the school year. The move has raised more than a few eyebrows around the community, but little in the way of detail has been released to the public as to why the change was made or what may have led to the decision. Through the article the School District was busy providing the talking point that the decision was mutual.

Those were the two news items of interest, at least in our opinion. The Sports section also celebrated the success of the PRSS Rainmakers, as the senior boys once again claimed title to the Zones championship for the Northwest with a convincing victory, recapturing the banner from cross town rival Charles Hays. The Rainmakers now travel on to Kamloops from March 4-7 where they take part in the AA senior boys provincial championships.

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