Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, March 3, 2010)

Winds of change in Ottawa , looking for the next Greece and a cup of coffee and pass the ammunition,  some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- The search for villains is on in Greece
Globe and Mail-- Britain grapples with debt of Greek proportions
Globe and Mail-- U.S. economy grows, but storms bite
National Post-- Harper signals change in the offing
National Post-- Austerity program will ease, not end, Greek crisis: analysis
National Post-- Railways customers slam freight service
Vancouver Sun-- Mind the debt
New York Times-- Traders Seek Out the Next Greece in an Ailing Europe
New York Times-- White House Offers Bill to Restrict Big Banks’ Actions
New York Times-- Why Old People Should Love Immigrants
USA Today-- Wholesale clubs' profit grows as grocery supermarkets slide
USA Today-- Starbucks: Letting customers wear guns is just business
Guardian UK online-- Mandelson attacks Obama's plans for US financial reform
Guardian UK online-- UK's recovery is 'false dawn'
Guardian UK online-- Greece unveils radical austerity package
Times online-- Greece demands EU payback amid new austerity cuts
Times online-- Britain must decide whether to welcome allcomers
Telegraph UK online-- Sterling crisis might break Britain's political and economic paralysis
Telegraph UK online-- Greece must learn from this crisis – not blame the EU
Telegraph UK online-- UK jobs market improves, but more pain is around the corner
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australian economy takes another step forward, growing in December quarter
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Recovery to boost commodity exports
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Economy grows at fastest rate in two years
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Lamb price is best baa none
People's Daily-- China's 100 key retailing enterprises report falling sales in January
People's Daily-- High-speed rail spearheads China's efforts to boost economy: legislator
China Daily-- China faces dual challenges in 2010: UN expert
China Daily-- Egypt beckons Chinese firms
Times of India-- Car sales driving on fast track
Times of India-- Exports keep rising, grow 11.5% in Jan

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