Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will the Naikun Wind project be unkind to the environment it's supposed to help save?

With the Naikun Wind Energy project moving forward as it is, some questions as to its environmental footprint have been raised by a letter writer to a Vancouver area newspaper.

Stan Sheer, offered up some interesting questions in a letter to the editor to the Surrey Leader, taking the debating point that the Naikun plans may not be as environmentally friendly as many suggest, among some of his concerns over the off shore wind project are:

How much sea life will be destroyed and what happens when cables are buried between towers?

These cables will run at least five degrees hot 24 hours a day. How will boats navigate around and fish in this area when each platform will create a new sand bar or island from wind and currents that run one to two knots in 23 foot tides?

He suggests in his offering to the Surrey Leader that a wind project that "destroys more than it saves", is something that may need a second look.

One imagines that these concerns have been addressed in the Environmental assessment certificate process or will be investigated further as the Naikun project continues on with its development plan.

Still, for all the buzz about the future of energy development and harnessing the wind for it, there still it seems are a few folks out there that aren't converted and offer up some interesting points to consider.

Points that will no doubt have to be addressed by Naikun as they continue to push forward with their development off the North coast.

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