Thursday, January 28, 2010

Podunk Below the Masthead (Thursday, January 28, 2010)

The car that got away, the All Native basketball tournament seeks a break from the city and the start of the power process for the Northern Transmission Line, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Daily News, Front page, headline story
ACROSS THE ROAD, DOWN THE BANK, AND 'UP THE CREEK' -- The tale of the car that drove off on its own, as a worker at the Canadian Fish Company plant on George Hills Way watched as his car took off, went across the road and into the last stages of Hays Creek. The recovery effort required the use of three Prince Rupert tow trucks to pull the vehicle back up the embankment and out of the creek.

With the release of the 2009 shipping numbers out of the Fairview Container Terminal, many locals are once again wondering if a third vessel call is on the horizon.

The 51st annual All Native Basketball Tournament is set for February 14-20 and tournament organizers appeared in front of City Council on Monday night, seeking a break on the rent at the Civic Centre. With the tournament recording a loss of 49,985.89 in 2009, tournament organizers are looking for ways to bring down their overhead expenses which have increased over the last few years, otherwise they fear that the future of the tournament could be at risk.

The Sports section begins its preview of the upcoming Northern BC Winter Games with a look at such sports as Archery, Badminton, Hockey, Practical Shooting and Wrestling.

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The Northern View
Power line submitted for approval -- Details of the application made by the B.C. Transmission Corporation to the provincial Environmental Assessment Office, beginning the process for the Northern Transmission Power line (see article here).

CFTK TV 7 News
Former Nisga'a Exec. Pleads Guilty -- A former president of the Terrace Nisga'a Society enters a guilty plea to charges of breach of trust of a public official, as Charles McKay receives a nine month conditional sentence (see article here)

Powerline Review Starts Soon -- More background on the Northern Transmission Power line developments of Thursday (see article here)

CBC News Northern British Columbia, Daybreak North
The return of local content on the CBC website continues to experience delays as technical woes appear to be continuing. The CBC has once again revised their start up date for the new service, advising that the site will launch "shortly".

Daily News, front page, headline story
Across the road, down the bank and ‘up the creek’...
By George T. Baker
The Daily News
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fred Stewart is counting his lucky blessings today after his Pontiac Grand Am careened into Hays Creek last night.

Stewart was performing a routine gate closing at the Canadian Fish Company plant on George Hills Way when he says his silver sedan began to crawl across the road.

To say the least, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It boggles my mind. It was like it had a mind of its own,” commented Stewart.

Stewart explained that the steering wheel is usually locked when it’s in park and so he had come to rely on that as a tell tale sign that his car is safely parked before he shuts the gate for the night.

However, this time was different – with tragic consequences for the car.

“I went to go for the gate and the next thing I know, there it was - moving across George Hills,” explained Stewart.

The road is usually busy with commuters making their way home to the east side of town, so it was good luck that Stewart’s car didn’t smack into one of the passing vehicles. He also normally has his two grandchildren in the car. And so the fact that no one was hurt was something Stewart felt grateful for.

According to Stewart, several of the passing vehicles slowed down to make room for the car as it made its way to the creek.

Stewart said he tried his best to get into the car and hit the brake, but by the time he realized what was going on the car was already going over the bank and toward the water.

After the crash, many cars pulled over and parked to have a better view as a three-vehicle tow truck crew worked on getting it out.

Stewart had owned the car for four years and recently installed a new starter. He said the car rarely gave him much trouble.

Was he angry, disappointed or sad that he lost his car to the creek? Stewart kept it in perspective. “Hey, it’s only a car,” he said.

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