Thursday, January 07, 2010

But, but, I just bought a brand new big screen hi def TV!!!

For all those Podunkians that plunked down the big cash this past Christmas for that dream size 52" Big Screen LCD, LED or Plasma television, welcome to the world of instant obsolescence.

A change is set to come for your audio visual desires as that orgy of consumerism in Las Vegas better known as the Consumer Electronics Show (an event that is akin to the Super Bowl/World Series/Stanley Cup Playoffs and Oscar awards for the technologically salivating) gets underway, Sony has just the thing for the television loving geek in all of us.

Today most of the major players in Home entertainment introduced the next big thing for your eyeballs and wallets, The 3D Television. An announcement that apparently wasn't supposed to be the centre piece of the show, but evolved into that with the success of Avatar in movie theatres over Christmas.

Suddenly it seems the era of 3D, once banished to only the cheesiest of sci-fi movies is suddenly red hot and ready to roll out into electronics stores as soon as March. LG seems to be set to be the first onto the shelves with their version of 3D TV technology with shipments planned for mid-March.

The only problem for you and I it seems is that the ever popular theme of a standard technology is still to be determined, bringing back memories of the great debates of Beta or VHS, or more recently Blu Ray vs Hi Def DVD.

That and the possibility of television viewers having to keep track of 3D glasses, definitely a chore for those of us that regularly lose the remote.

The jury is still out as to whether 3D will be the next big thing, or perhaps a reminder of the days of Quadraphonic sound, a wonderful creation that left many of us with giant speaker systems that in the end only seemed to play stereo twice.

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So yes, perhaps that big screen LCD behemoth in your family room is safe from the 3D attack for a little while yet, so you don't have to create space on your Garage Sale table any time soon. It probably is best and a wise course to let the big boys duke it out before we rush into our local store to grab the next big thing.

After all 3D may be only a short lived thing itself, just think back to the US election night a little over a year ago, where we were first introduced to Hologram TV, now that's what I'm waiting for!

I truly won't call it a full multi media experience until the Stanley Cup, Grey Cup and the latest Hollywood releases are all portrayed on the family room floor!

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