Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition January 16-17, 2010)

China learns some new ideas, Britain's labour party troubles and Bollywood buys into Hollywood, some of the items of note for the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- Mark Carney enters crucial phase for recovery
Globe and Mail-- Divisions over credit, debit card code of conduct
Globe and Mail-- Teachers pension fund close to deal for education firm
National Post-- China learns the Lingo
National Post-- Not lending is this bank's secret
National Post-- U.S. Steel, guilty of good business
Vancouver Sun-- Industrial customers save $60 million
New York Times-- In Hollywood, Grappling With Studios’ Lost Clout
New York Times-- Renault Pledges to Keep a French Factory Busy
New York Times-- The Show Must Not Go On
USA Today-- Eager investors may be creating bubbles in some stocks
USA Today-- Chinese buy more U.S. assets than U.S. buys in China
Guardian UK online-- Dark economic clouds on the horizon for China
Guardian UK online-- Ron Gettelfinger: the man who conquered Detroit
Guardian UK online-- The full, sapping cost of the Blair-Brown war is now clear
Times Online UK-- Fears of inflation surge played down
Times Online UK-- UK could lose tax millions as Swiss entice hedge funds
Telegraph UK online-- Something has to stop the Orient express and its cargo of trade imbalances
Telegraph UK online-- Sterling could collapse while our MPs are still pussyfooting around
Telegraph UK online-- ECB prepares legal ground for euro rupture as Greek crisis escalates
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Cash-rich locals and foreign companies are on the prowl this year
Brisbane Times-- Storm of expansion in the ports will make waves for Asciano and MUA
Brisbane Times-- Pole-asked: why Abbott gets in a muddle about middle Australia
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Driza-Bone pelted over unpaid taxes
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Tax break plan for nation's banks
People's Daily on line-- Premier Wen Jiabao stresses food, heating supply in cold weather
People's Daily on line-- Shanghai sees further recovery in foreign trade last month
China Daily-- China plays down "largest exporter" speculation
China Daily-- 24-hour auto factories still can't meet demand
China Daily-- Record rural consumption fuels economic expansion
Times of India-- MNC headhunters chase women to fill top jobs
Times of India-- Tata's Nano bags 'car of the year' award
Times of India-- Anil Ambani plans to take over MGM Hollywood studio: Report

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