Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some of that old time Хоккей in Chekhov

Hockey Night in Chekhov, lasted but three minutes and thirty nine seconds on Saturday after on ice officials sent so many participants in an on ice brawl off to the dressing rooms that they did not have enough players to complete the game.

Players from both Vityaz Chekhov and Avangard Omsk took to the ice as hostilities increased, not stepping away until tempers were exhausted and the line ups depleted.

What has been called the first time a game has been cancelled because of a mass brawl, featured 691 penalty minutes to both sides and now has brought about some particularly heavy fines and dire threats of expulsion from the league.

KHL officials fined Vityaz four-million rubles (US$133,300)and threatened expulsion if a similar incident takes place again, Avangard the Siberian based visiting squad escaped with a one-million ruble fine.

Among the players fined, suspended and forever to be remembered were
Canadians Darsy Verot and Brandon Sugden from Vityaz and Avangard’s Russian pair Alexander Svitov and Dmitry Vlasenkov, who all received fines of 150,000 rubles each. Seven other players, six from Vityaz and one from Avangard received one game suspensions for their pugilistic endeavours.

One suspects that Don Cherry may start developing more of an affection for Russian hockey than in the past, perhaps with a chance to offer up Rock Em Socke, Chehkov as his next video selection.

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