Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's the economy (January 20, 2010)

More money for the tar sands, seeking an alternative for the Greeks, and the shark plays for more than bait, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- China reels in lenders, trading partners feel the pain
Globe and Mail-- Husky, BP help fuel oil sands resurgence
Globe and Mail-- BHP to spend $240-million on Sask. mine
National Post-- Upset may put Wall Street back on firing line
National Post-- Retailers' deep discounts keep rate fears at bay
National Post-- World trade according to Buzz
Vancouver Sun-- Whistler's Intrawest on auction block: 'business as usual'
New York Times-- The Times to Charge for Frequent Access to Its Web Site
New York Times-- Now at Starbucks: A Rebound
New York Times-- Understanding the A.I.G. Dispute
USA Today-- GM challenges Ford to pickup tug-of-war
USA Today-- China to curb lending binge, regulator says
Guardian UK online-- Surprise fall in UK unemployment amid surge in part-time jobs
Guardian UK online-- Beware global economic imbalances, Mervyn King warns
Guardian UK online-- Goldman Sachs likely to pay out $20bn in salary and bonuses
Times Online UK-- Analysis: darkness behind the cheer
Times Online UK-- Labour dealt a strong hand
Telegraph UK online-- EU should clearly lay out Greek alternative
Telegraph UK online-- Did Irene Rosenfeld get more than she bargained for?
Telegraph UK online-- Rolling Stone's list of 'climate killers' misses the dilemma facing corporate America
Melbourne Herald Sun-- BHP shift from fixed ore prices
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Cadbury takeover of Kraft all sweet
Brisbane Times-- Assistance is futile
Brisbane Times-- Asian shares wary amid China liquidity fears
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Consumer confidence higher in January, Westpac-Melbourne Index shows
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Greg Norman still leader of earnings pack
People's Daily on line-- China listens to global experts for new five-year plan
People's Daily on line-- Regulator plays down hot money fears
China Daily-- Chinese shares fall on liquidity concerns
China Daily-- Stable yuan conducive to world economic recovery: Chen
China Daily-- Regulator denies halt to bank lending
Times of India-- Sugar stocks fall as prices go southward
Times of India-- China accepts Indian demand for market access to pharma, promises larger imports

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