Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition January 30-31, 2010)

The Port of Montreal scales back it's containerization plans, Krugman hails Canada's financials and will Greece be the end of the Euro, some of the items of note from the weekend.

Vancouver Sun-- Chinese companies don’t need Western partners as much as they used to
Vancouver Sun-- Many local employers are unprepared for the impact Games will have on workers
New York Times-- Risky Trading Wasn’t Just on the Fringe at A.I.G.
New York Times-- Good and Boring
New York Times-- China Leading Global Race to Make Clean Energy
USA Today-- Investor fears rise as signs of market correction loom
USA Today-- Exports help U.S. companies climb out of recession
Guardian UK online-- Greek economic crisis worsens with farmers refusing to back down
Guardian UK online-- In banking, the crises may change, but the names remain the same
Guardian UK online-- Commodity funds 'could be next bubble to burst'
Times Online UK-- Greek meltdown shows fragility of the recovery
Times Online UK-- Half of new jobs are created by the state
Telegraph UK online-- Should Germany bail out Club Med or leave the euro altogether?
Telegraph UK online-- A weakening recovery poses the real threat of a double-dip recession
Telegraph UK online-- Bring back Glass-Steagall and let investment banks gamble and fail
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Mixed outlook on profits
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Aussie ramps it up
Brisbane Times-- Signs from Shanghai
Brisbane Times-- Lean times over, fat profits a while off yet
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australian charity funds hit in global financial crisis
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Aussies struggle to foot mortgage bill
People's Daily on line-- BoCom report: China to enter upward growth period in 2010
People's Daily on line-- Massive recall likely to undermine Chinese consumers' trust in Toyota brand
China Daily-- China offers business opportunities for US companies: US expert
China Daily-- China brings breeze of hope to grim world economic landscape
Times of India-- Tata Motors delivers over 17,000 units of Nano
Times of India-- Market rates for fertilizers?

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