Saturday, January 09, 2010

Indiana Eso and the quest for the Time Travellers capsule

It has all the makings of another blockbuster motion picture, a lost artifact, a scholarly Phd student and some fancy technological gizmo seemingly out of the thoughts of HG Wells, all a combination that may reunite Rupertites with their past glimpse, of what could be their future.

As both the Northern View and the Daily News have outlined, Rupertite Rob Eso is getting things organized to track down the resting place of the now legendary capsule, last seen when it was placed in the ground in 1971.

Using something called an inductive source electromagnetic sensor, Eso, a PhD student at UBC’s Geophysics department, hopes to find the much discussed but apparently never properly mapped capsule in time for the city's centennial celebrations in March.

Somewhere in the unforgiving Muskeg rests our capsule, with a little luck, some modern science and maybe even a bull whip if necessary, the treasure may soon be unearthed from the dark reaches of muskeg and bring great joy to Podunkians on March 10th.

CFTK's Sahar Nassimdoost provided some background on the planned expedition.


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