Thursday, January 07, 2010

A hurtin' song for the hurtin' times of Podunk

We're not sure if this is a glitch, a political statement or just a wee bit of fun, but regardless it's a priceless bit of YouTube theatre inadvertent or not.

Over on the Saharfan channel of YouTube, there's a wonderfully fascinating soundtrack put to some recent TV 7 footage of the recent visit of Conservative MP John Weston to the North coast .

Listen carefully to the lyrics as the images appear, from the opening lyrics of the tune through to the end the timing seems quite uproarious, though we wonder if Councilor Thorkelson will enjoy the aural descriptive featured at the fifty second mark, if she has a sense of humour as we suspect she does, she most likely will be leading the laughs.

There are other treats along the way, 2:22 was another one of our favourite musical declarations during the musically interpretive interlude.

I don't know why but there's just something magical about a slide guitar and smiling politicians that brings out a chuckle or two. The selection which I'm still trying to divine as to a title, seems perfect to the theme of aural anarchy, that as the catchy little country ditty warbles its way to the final 2:47 mark of the video.

With the song and video content finishing at the same time, the impression could be left that it's either a great case of coincidental timing, or a fitting commentary on the political scene of Podunk these days.

The only caveat that leaves us thinking it may be a glitch is that another video in the collection has the wrong content matching up with the title provided, giving us cause to wonder if perhaps editing gremlins are at work after all.

Regardless, the proper audio commentary seems to have been posted with a different title (see here), however, we truly hope that this countrified soundtrack remains in the greatest hits collection as well.

It's a welcome relief to the normal droning on of the pols and not only leaves you with a smile at the end; but provides us the chance to tap our toes and hum along as well!'

Now how many news stories can pull that off?

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