Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the economy Weekend Edition (January 9-10)

Job stumbles on the way to recovery, a believer in Canada and bankers bad/Obama good, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Google, the great disruptor, takes aim ... at everything
Globe and Mail-- Global job woes endanger recovery
Globe and Mail-- Chavez warns business after Venezuela devaluation
National Post-- Financier comes around to belief in Canada
National Post-- U.S. regulators failed investors, taxpayers
National Post-- The 21st century belongs to China
Vancouver Sun-- Electronic Arts looking to China, online for future growth
New York Times-- Banks Prepare for Bigger Bonuses, and Public’s Wrath
New York Times-- Ford’s Bet: It’s a Small World After All
New York Times-- The Other Plot to Wreck America
USA Today-- Outlook for job market is grim
USA Today-- 85,000 jobs lost in Dec., but Nov. revision shows jobs growth
USA Today-- Financial Crisis Inquiry panel investigates meltdown
Guardian UK online-- Food costs to soar as big freeze deepens
Guardian UK online-- Power firms face accusations of profiteering from Britain's big freeze
Guardian UK online-- Swine flu promises GlaxoSmithKline a £1bn revenue boost
Times Online UK-- Japan Airlines ‘about to collapse’
Times Online UK-- City confident UK will avoid ratings downgrade
Times Online UK-- Tax at 50% is a good way to kill the golden goose
Telegraph UK online-- Labour's failed coup hands Darling the chance to tackle debt crisis
Telegraph UK online-- Google's Eric Schmidt on why bankers deserve little sympathy and Obama does
Telegraph UK online-- 'Taxing City is ruining UK plc'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- All's fare in airline ticketing war
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Nurses pay is protected - Gillard
Brisbane Times-- Going like a rocket
Brisbane Times-- Jetstar deal flies well but don't expect cheap seats
Brisbane Times-- Don't get caught short on a Sunday
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- The White Cockatoo resort up for sale
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Car production in Australia plunges
People's Daily on line-- Chinese economy in fast lane, challenges remain in 2010
People's Daily on line-- Shanghai targets economic growth rate of 8% in Expo year
Times of India-- Yamaha to launch scooters in India
Times of India-- IBM to scale up BPO operations; plans to hire 5,000

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