Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On the Charlotte's, its not the cost of gas it's the availability...

While Prince Ruperr residents await the next jump in the price of gasoline (Petro Can still leading the pack at 1.45 compared to 1.43 downtown today), over at Port Clements on the Queen Charlotte's they would just like to have some gas to complain about..

The Queen Charlotte Observer offers up a report on the scarcity of gasoline and diesel fuel in Port Clements..

Port residents aren't complaining about the high price of gas - they just wish they could get some
The Queen Charlotte Islands Observer
July 9, 2008

Port Clements council members say they are being flooded by complaints about the lack of gas and diesel fuel in town, but aren't sure how the problem can be solved.

Port residents and tourists are having to drive to Masset or Skidegate to get fuel because the local gas station has had only an intermittent supply in recent weeks, council members said.

It's a real problem for tourists who arrive in Port expecting to be able to fill up, said councillor Urs Thomas at Monday night's council meeting (July 7)."

It's a bad situation," Mr. Thomas said. "Tourists don't have a clue."

Locals have started calling the gas station "Gas Minus" instead of Gas Plus, said mayor Cory Delves.

Mr. Delves said he hasn't heard any answers yet to questions about why there is usually no gas available, but was planning to talk to fuel supplier North Arm this week to see if there are any possible solutions.

Village administrator Heather Nelson-Smith said she has contacted North Arm about getting a tidy tank installed so that the fire trucks will be able to get fuel if they need it.

Maintenance supervisor Alf Belyea has had to drive to Masset or Skidegate lately to fill up jerry cans so the village can run its lawn mower, she added.

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