Sunday, July 27, 2008

Driven by a little old gangsta on Sunday's with crime on his mind

If you're looking for a new vehicle with a bit of history, then the BC Government has just what you are looking for.

The province has begun listing those vehicles seized while in the commission of a crime and well lets just say that the late nineties Cavaliers or Escorts aren't very popular with the gangsta class.

The highlight vehicle of the BC Auction's Asset Investment Recovery pictorials is the Denali or 2003 H2 Hummer, both of which are reported to have been involved in the drug trade of Vancouver Island.

You can view the pertinent details at the BC Auction site here, from the opening page click on featured items for the full story.

The Hummer is clocking in at $32,000 for bids with eight days to go, The Denali still a bargain at just $20,000 to bid with eight days to go.

Successful bidders must pick up their vehicle at the Surrey offices of BC Auctions and then hope like heck that the former owners are pre-disposed for the next ten to twenty...

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