Thursday, July 10, 2008

Northern health centralizes more bureaucracy in their "Terrace hub"

A few more positions have been created in Terrace, as Northern Health continues to make that city its administrative hub for health services in the Northwest. Among the positions that have been relocated to Terrace is the home and community care director a position formerly held by someone based out of Prince Rupert.

With Northern Health apparently inclined to centralize their operations in Terrace. It may be time once again for Prince Rupert city council to remind the provincial health authority as to the strategic importance of this city to health care from the Charlottes to the North coast.

The continual centralization of officials in Terrace (we’ve been down this road before here) won’t do much to reassure local residents that health care in Prince Rupert is a main priority with the Prince George based office.

THE NORTHERN Health Authority is moving two key people to Terrace.
Terrace Standary
July 8, 2008

One person is to be the area’s new home and community care director replacing a person who held that position in Prince Rupert, says senior health authority official Rowena Holoien.

The person in Prince Rupert has taken another job within the health authority.

The second person is the coordinator for the authority’s Health Link North, the all encompassing electronic data storage and transmission system.

It’s now in place in four locations across the northwest and more will be added soon, said Holoien.

That person is relocating from Smithers to reduce travel across the region because is more centrally located, she added.

The two moves solidify the growth of Terrace as the health authority’s northwest administrative hub

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