Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now, if only the weather would cooperate!

Your spot on the beach has finally been cleared, now if only there was a reason to put a blanket down to soak up some rays.

With summer but a rumour so far this season, Rupertites might be forgiven if they don't all rush off to Diana Lake, but once the weather begins to cooperate the chance to finally find some room on the beach will be there.

The clean up of logs and debris from the Diana Lake park site is complete for the most part, with only a bit more work to be done around the dam area once the weather improves and the ground becomes a bit more workable there.

But, should we find a sunny day or two along the way there's a spot on the beach with your name on it. The Daily News featured details of the reclamation project in Thursday's paper.

Logs cleared from lake's beach
Diana lake is now more accessible thanks to work of volunteers
By Patrick Witwicki
The Daily News
Thursday, July 10, 2008
Pages one and five

Rupertites who love to spend a sunny day at the beach may finally get their wish at Diana Lake.
Granted, the way summer has been going, sunny days appear to be few and far between, but when that round yellow stranger finally decides to poke its nose from behind the array of clouds, residents will come across a nice surprise up at the provincial park - an actual beach, free from logs.

Port Edward Chief Administrative Officer Ron Bedard addressed council Tuesday night, updating councillors on the work that took place at Diana Lake during the first week of July in which volunteers got together and did their part in cleaning up the stack of strewn logs.
"It looks good," said Bedard. "I'm happy to say we had Kristoff Trucking and Jamie from (Storey's Excavating) up there, working hard."

Coun. Murray Kristoff, who had his truck up at Diana Lake for the clean-up, said it was great to finally get some work done on the park.

"I kind-of got Jamie into it," he said. "I basically said do what you want, the equipment's there, ready to go."

The beach is now log free, but there are still logs up against the dam. That part of the equation will have to wait until later this summer, said Bedard.

"They're worried about (the ground) being too soft," he said. "The rest will have to wait ... if it would ever stop raining."

Once the water level does finally go down, the next plan on the agenda is to fix up the remainder of the beach area.

"We're looking at some more funding," said Bedard. "If that happens, there would be more money to put into the project."

Other businesses around Prince Rupert have offered to help when the time comes, including the Port of Prince Rupert.

Kristoff then asked Bedard whether, if the funding does come through, Port Edward could use some of those funds to potentially look at doing something about the Rainbow Lake boat launch, which is in a state of disrepair.

"If we can't fix the launch, at least maybe put a dock in," he said.
Bedard said he would look into the possibility.

"There is some interest up there," he said. "And it wouldn't cost that much to put a dock in there.

"I'll see what I can do."

But for now, Port Edward's main concern is with Diana Lake, and the district hopes to continue with the clean-up in August.

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