Sunday, July 20, 2008

The ever changing blogosphere

Well we took a look at our blog list on the right hand side and discovered more than a few bloggers have given up the craft since we last took a tour or thought about updating our listings of blogs to take a look at.

Now, we weren't particularly good at maintaining that list, we'll be the first to admit, so we're hoping that with a bit more perseverance on the task at hand, we'll be providing a more regular and reliable update on some of the other offerings out there at the end of those wondrous cables.

We'll start off slow, looking at a few, some of them from Northern BC, some from further afield, there's no particular direction or affiliation with our choices, just blogs that we've been directed to through other sources, such as the Tyee blogroll, or those blogs that we have stumbled across and have caught our eye.

We'll keep this as the master list if you will and provide a link to the archive here on the right hand side where our list of outdated links once reigned for far too long.

Canadian Blogs

Small dead animals
Peace, order and good government, eh?
Blogging a dead horse
Inkless wells
The Galloping Beaver
Idealistic Pragmatist
Section 15
Dust my Broom

British Columbia Blogs

Bill Tieleman
Norman's Spectator
Northern BC Dipper
A BCer in Toronto
The Deadwood Chronciles

US Blogs

Daily KOS
Lawyers Guns and Money
Talking Points Memo
Huffington Post
Boing Boing

World Blogs


Slugger O'Toole
Dublin Opinion
United Irelander
Views from the Emerald Isle


Guido Fawkes' Blog
The Devil's Kitchen
Iain Dale's Diary
Monsters and Critics
Heresy Corner
Pub Philosopher


Your New Reality
Little Aussie Cynic
The Nook of Oz
Just Another 24 Hours

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