Saturday, July 19, 2008

Avast ye mateys, we must take our leave of this here village

"We're not out there actively looking for tree forts. We got involved because the structure was too close to the neighbour's house and they complained."— Vancouver city official Jennifer Young giving one of those People’s Court quotes at the end of the great tree fort trial.

Justice has ruled in Kerrisdale and the last chance for a pirate themed tree fort to stay in its tree has been denied.

A two year court battle ended Friday, as provincial court Judge Connie Bagnall issued a ninety day dis-assembly order and fined both Andrew Dewberry and his wife Jayne Seagrave 250 dollars each, as she ruled that while they were clearly dedicated parents, they perhaps were providing a less than civic minded example to the young ones.

The elaborate tree fort, complete with cannons on the side, made for a pretty impressive visual image in a tree in their yard, however its proximity to a neighbours’ house left good relations needing higher fences, more buccaneers or in maybe just better lawyers.
Photo from CBC website

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