Monday, July 14, 2008

Are Labour relations tilted towards management in the gaming industry?

Hot on the heels of last week's lively discussion board debate on hackingthemainframe, comes a timely article in the Tyee, which examines the labour climate at some of the province's more popular gaming locations.

The Tyee examined the unionization bid of Gateway Casino's Burnaby operation and how more than few obstacles had to be challenged before union cards would be distributed. Even with the initial victory for the labour side announced earlier this month, there is still an outstanding debate as to whether ballots cast last fall in the more populated gaming floor area which employs 225 people will be counted.

The machinations behind the scenes thus far make for an interesting examination of the labour climate in the province and raises questions as to the neutrality of the B.C. Labour Relations Board and how the organization conducts its examination of unionization requests.

The BCGEU which was approached a few years ago by workers at the casino, paints a picture of a labour code that has bounced out of balance, titling very much in their opinion towards management in almost every instance.

With a small victory of 72 new members in the supervisory ranks at the Gateway casino, they now turn their attention to making sure that those ballots marked by the remaining 225 employees last fall get a open accounting for.

From there, who knows where they might push their next incursion into the province's 2 billion dollar gaming industry, but if last week's excitement on the hackingthemainframe board is any indication, we suspect a call from the 250 exchange could be coming through one day.

You can examine the issue from the pages of The Tyee, and explore further Tom Sandborn's article, Casino Workers Buck the Odds.

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