Friday, July 11, 2008

Missed, while you were surfing…

We introduce a new little bit of flotsam for the blog today, a review of some of the odd or titillating stories that may have passed by your radar this week. (Though truth be told we’ve been saving up items for a couple of weeks for the debut)

A weekly burst of links to things that caught our eye, but never quite made it to full blown blog status... It will appear weekly on Fridays, our little way of winding down the week.

This of course will remain as a feature until I tire of the task of sifting through the internet’s rapid fire attacks, at which point, like many other of my ideas in the past it will disappear without a trace. It also gives me the chance to post random pictures of surfer dude and dudettes, which considering our weather is about the closest any of us will get to a beach...

This past week (and a bit) these unrelated items passed through our internet connection, flagged for use today.

They sailed through the line up for coffee

From the fruit of their loins they battled like lions

Everybody loves a party

It's like, a lot eazier to go to our skool

Slavery sure has changed over the years

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