Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nature takes down technology in Masset

Air travel is full of many potential delays, what with weather, mechanical and human factors at any given time possibly contributing to a disruption of one's travel schedule.

And we guess we should add nature to the list, at least when it comes to air travel and the Masset airport.

The QCI Observer offers up a review of a recent mechanical problem that has resulted in a Pacific Coastal Airlines plane to remain stranded in Masset awaiting repairs after an encounter with a deer on the airport's runway.

The deer apparently darted out in front of the plane and ran right into the propellor of the turbo prop aircraft, requiring the plane to return to the terminal area and wait for mechanics to be summoned to provide for repairs.

The deer it seems jumped over one of the shorter fences at the end of the runway, which is designed to allow the planes to take off, though in this case it seems it may have contributed to the plane not taking off.

Bird strikes on occasion make the news in aviation, but deer strikes are rather rare things and Masset officials can only remember one other occasion, many years ago when deer and technology collided.

Masset officials offered up on report on the condition of the deer.

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