Friday, July 30, 2010

From simple commercials major motion picture careers can spawn

His efforts have provided his sponsor with perhaps the most attention their product has ever seen, thirty second vignettes that have become the talking points of coffee shop and water cooler communicators across North America and perhaps beyond.

His work has become the mainstay of the YouTube portal, with more than a few imitators providing their own interpretation of just what Old Spice could do for your life.

And now, in true Hollywood fashion, the Old Spice spokesman's work is about to head to the Big screen.

Isaiah Mustafa, the star of Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ad campaign is about to begin production on a movie with Jeniffer Aniston.

He plays the role of a cop in the comedy Horrible Bosses, which is to be released July of 2011. When he finishes filming that session he reportedly will have a guest shot on the TV show Chuck next season.

It's been quite a ride for Mustafa a one time NFL player who has become a pop culture icon with his renditions of the various merits of Old Spice, an ad campaign which apparently has resulted in an increase in product usage of 107 per cent for the men's bath and grooming products.

The ad has received over 16 million views on YouTube since it was first posted and Mustafa's twitter account has accumulated over 95,000 followers since he first arrived on our television screens.  A bio featured on the Ellen Degeneres show website outlines a number of interesting background items on the sudden star of TV commercials, among them, he once won 50,000 dollars on the weakest link, and once was a middle school math teacher.

One thing is certain, with all of that looking here and there and back here again, following directions won't be a problem.

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