Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend edition July 17 and 18 2010)

Frugality makes a comeback, the frustration of the job search and it's green and expensive, some of the items of interest from our weekend reading list.

Globe and Mail-- Boeing's 787 makes its Farnborough debut
Globe and Mail-- Investors question rebound’s vigour as consumer hopes dim
Globe and Mail-- CRTC refuses Sun TV’s bid for preferred status on dial
National Post-- New York to Montreal in nothing flat
National Post-- ‘Boring’ company buybacks on the rebound
National Post-- Frugality is in again
Vancouver Sun-- Shaw Tower's $12.88 million mansion in the Vancouver sky
New York Times-- Optimistic BP Hopeful That Damaged Well Can Stay Closed
New York Times-- W.T.O. Ruling Upsets Chief of Jet Maker
New York Times-- Frustration and Despair as Job Search Drags On
USA Today-- Boeing's 787 makes international debut
USA Today-- New law will lead to greener but higher-priced furniture
Guardian UK online-- Public sector cuts wipe £1bn off building firms' stock market value
Guardian UK online-- German and Spanish banks could face fund-raising call after stress tests
Guardian UK online-- Finance experts call for 'Tobin tax' on foreign exchange trades
The Independent--'Water poverty' loans to utilities set to hit €4bn
The Independent--Analysts fear stress tests on EU banks are not rigorous enough
Telegraph UK online-- Stress-testing Europe's banks won't stave off a deflationary vortex
Telegraph UK online-- Bank stress tests will fall flat if they fail to cheer Asian investors
Telegraph UK online-- Making light of some dark reasons as to why Inflation remains high
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Tony Abbott give interest rates guarantee
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Coles importing cheap cigarettes from Germany and selling them at discount prices
People's Daily-- Chinese steel mill's investment to boost Sierra Leone economy: minister
People's Daily-- Daimler in truck deal with Foton
China Daily-- China seeks trade balance, not surplus
China Daily-- Experts hail China's procurement offer
Times of India-- No demat accounts for Hindu gods
Times of India-- 'Impose 20% export tax on iron ore'

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