Thursday, July 15, 2010

Move over UFC, here comes ultra competitive bike racing.

We are the goon squad and were coming for you, beep, beep.-- from David Bowie's, Fashion, perhaps a potential theme song for this years Tour de France 

The Tour de France is a rather gruelling endeavour for those that participate, from mountainous roads to the elements and many other obstacles along the way, the quest for cycling's ultimate championship is one of perseverance and stamina.

And now it seems, winning the tour could require an ability to ward off head butts.

In a strange bit of drama at the tour's most recent stage, Australian cyclist Mark Renshaw has been kicked out of the tournament for twice head butting New Zealand rival Julian Dean during the final moments of the 11th stage of the event.

Jean-Francois Pescheux the top race official of the Tour de France, explained that Renshaw had been declassified immediately and then after further discussion he was banished from the rest of the tour.  Reaction from tour participants was mixed after the decision, some believing it was best for the sport others suggesting that it was a rather harsh and cruel decision.

 Head Butting it would seem is one of the main methods of expression of cyclists, earlier in the tour another participant in the race expressed his anger with a well directed head butt at a camera man following his movements in a rather chaotic and crowded scrum.

Cadel Evans apparently frustrated with the imposition of the media types, provided the clearing of the path requirements himself, to our knowledge he is still a participant in the tour, reporters and media types apparently open game during the course of events.

Somehow you get the feeling that an entire new era of rock em, sock em videos could be in the making here.

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