Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Federal Government provides money towards airport snow plow

It may have been a warm summer day in Rupert, but on Tuesday Prince Rupert's airport and city officials had winter snow on their minds.

In the end the big announcement, wasn't quite as extraordinary as one might have imagined, Tuesday's talking point for the Prince Rupert airport was that the Federal Government intends to provide 223,000 dollars towards the purchase of a new snowplow vehicle for the airport as well as the plow to go with it.

An investment duly recorded on the Transport Canada website, featuring enough extra content to keep the media release department occupied for a bit of time.

The announcement wrapped up a two day visit to the Northwest for Stockwell Day and John Baird, the two Federal cabinet ministers had been touring around the city today, the final day of their trip, learning the latest from Fairview Terminal and Ridley Terminal before they left.

We haven't heard much about the other item on their agenda for the day, that of a round table discussion with city officials to talk over economic issues, a conversation that the city's residents might find of interest considering the current troubles of the local economy. Wondering perhaps, if Ministers Day and Baird might have had some sage advice for the Mayor, council and officials.

The Northern View had some background on the day's events posted to their website today.  

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