Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's the economy Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Montreal won't necessarily shop local when it comes to subways, Russia seeks out some Chinese business and rating risks for the UK, some of our findings for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- No single HQ for national regulator
Globe and Mail-- Canadians snap up U.S. properties
Globe and Mail-- Nigeria’s state-run oil company bankrupt
National Post-- Montreal opens subway contract to international bids
National Post-- Poor iPhone 4 review sends Apple Inc. shares sliding
National Post-- Euro can only be saved by ‘United States of Europe’
New York Times-- European Bank Stress Test Results May Be Delayed
New York Times-- German Business Moves Beyond Russia to China
New York Times-- Financial Overhaul Moves Closer to Vote
USA Today-- Final decisions loom for auto dealers facing closure
USA Today-- New UAW boss pickets Toyota, plans justice march with Jesse Jackson
Guardian UK online-- Coalition budget 'has increased chance of double-dip recession'
Guardian UK online-- MPs launch inquiry into retail banking, as UK banks attack new bonus rules
Guardian UK online-- OECD demands radical steps to curb incapacity benefit claims
The Independent-- UK keeps triple-A rating but S&P warns of risks
The Independent-- If public spending is behind the recovery, what happens when we cut it?
Telegraph UK online-- Bankers' lack of humility has ushered in a new era of intervention
Telegraph UK online-- Saving may cause double-dip recession
Telegraph UK online-- UK house prices not set to recover for another ten years, says PWC
Melbourne Herald Sun-- China worries dampen market
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rewards call for turning green
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Rising sales lift business conditions - NAB survey
People's Daily-- Salary increase guidelines seek to narrow income gap
People's Daily-- July, last chance for cheap luxury goods this year
China Daily-- China buys $505m of Spanish bonds
China Daily-- Burgeoning Chinese demand to lift uranium
Times of India-- Indians more interested in Facebook than market trading: Study
Times of India-- Industrial output grows 11.5%

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