Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maybe they all went golfing

This weeks offering of the CBC's Daybreak North programming provided what we thought would be an interesting review of the closure of the Daily News.

Listed on the program's website review of top stories of the week was an interview from Monday with former Daily News reporter George T. Baker, who we imagine was going to provide us with some insight into those final days of the 99 year old Prince Rupert institution.

So, it was a bit confusing to say the least when we clicked on play in the CBC media player and found that instead of the look back at the Daily News, we instead learned more than we really wanted to know about the future of the Prince George Pine Centre Golf course lands.  That as a Prince George Free Press reporter updated us all on the breaking news of golf course land development

With a little luck sometime this weekend perhaps the CBC might insert the Daily News story into its audio archive retrieval system. With that hope, here's the current link for the page and the current story with the Prince Rupert topic (but featuring rather grandiose dreams of PG parkland)

We'll give them a mulligan on this one for now, though the glitch doesn't bode well for enhanced coverage of Rupert based stories from the public radio provider.

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