Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Council seeks to consult

Perhaps aware of some rumblings of discontent among the townsfolk, Prince Rupert city council has announced dates for round table discussions with the community for this fall.

CFTK TV 7 News outlines that council will seek the commentary of the community on three separate occasions this fall, September 16, October 6 and November 2.

The concept of increased communication was addressed at the Monday July 26 council meeting (page 19 of agenda) where the council offered up a motion to book the Auditorium at the Civic centre for these community sessions. It's hoped to schedule the meetings for a variety of times in order to offer an opportunity for all residents to participate.

If council members are inclined to perhaps see what some of those talking points may look like this fall an instructive review of a recent topic on the local chat portal hackingthemainframe may prove helpful.

Seemingly getting a head start on council in the round table discussion, some regular contributors to that forum have taken it upon themselves to examine some of the concerns of the community. A project which provides some interesting thoughts on the issue, though occasionally a discussion which seems to wander off sideways at times.

For those members of council and the administration that may find some value in Internet forums, there could be a few nuggets of information along the way however as to what may be the flash points of debate when the city designed sessions of the fall get under way.

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