Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, July 29, 2010)

Canada's deficit challenges may end early, An American warning of deflation and will the UK banks kill any economic recovery, some of the items of note for the Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Greeks adjust to PM's elimination of untaxed 'shadow' economy
Globe and Mail-- Deficit battle may end early: think tank
Globe and Mail-- Michigan spill halted, but Enbridge’s reputation still sullied
National Post-- Analysts see Blackpad targeting Christmas sales
National Post-- Executives ignore activists at their peril
National Post-- Provinces must place their bets
New York Times-- President to Promote Auto Bailout as a Success
New York Times-- Oil Spill Crime? Send In the BP Squad
New York Times-- A Fed Member Warns of Deflation
USA Today-- Surprise: Sales of big SUVs surging faster than small cars
USA Today-- UAW head: GM to file paperwork in August for IPO
Guardian UK online-- Almost 3,000 City staff took home more than £1m last year, says FSA
Guardian UK online-- Shell could pursue BP for Gulf damages
Guardian UK online-- British Airways to reveal losses from ash cloud and strikes
The Independent-- King condemns banks' treatment of customers
The Independent-- British Gas defends energy prices as profits nearly double
Telegraph UK online-- Conservatives: come off benefits and we'll make work pay
Telegraph UK online-- After banning racism and sexism, it's high time to ban ageism
Telegraph UK online-- Are UK banks killing the economic recovery?
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Chinalco buys Rio mine in Africa
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Late sting takes edge off super's bounce
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- OZ Minerals steps up hunt for copper purchases
People's Daily-- China economy still robust despite expected slowdown: IMF official
People's Daily-- More reform in store for yuan: PBC
China Daily-- China pension fund to start overseas PE investment
China Daily-- China orders curbs on grain price speculation
Times of India-- Food inflation down to single digit at 9.67%
Times of India-- Is Noel Tata being groomed to succeed Ratan Tata?

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