Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Terrace based timber company relocates out of Rupert site

Prince Rupert's container port is providing for some more spin off jobs in the region, though its a case of taking from one town and sending to another in this case.

Terrace based Timber Baron Contracting has moved its operations out of Prince Rupert and relocated back to Terrace, taking up residence in the old mill lands of that city.

The Terrace Standard explains how Timber Baron  shifted its sorting yard and container stuffing facility from Prince Rupert to Terrace as of Canada Day.

No jobs were lost in the shift, though any Rupert based employees will have to make the trek eastbound now to go to work as the company tries to make its operations more centralized.

Mill Vice President Mike Thomson told the Standard that some 20 trucks will come into the yard each day, which was the same volume as the Rupert operation featured when based here.

While the stocks diminish at the Rupert location they will be operating in both locations for the next month, it is Timber Baron's hope that they will be operating in Terrace only by the month's end.

Prince Rupert will eventually see the wood again, all-be-it stuffed into containers from Terrace as it is trucked to the container port for shipment to Asian markets.

You can read the full story from the Standard here.

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