Monday, July 26, 2010

Still dancing' at 67

He must have found some shelter as he never faded away.

Mick Jagger turns 67 today, still one of the most influential persons of rock over the forty eight year history of the Rolling Stones.

Much of their music has provided the soundtrack to a generation or two, always punctuated by Jagger's vocals, over the driving arrangements of fellow conspirators Keith Richards, Bill Wyman Ronnie Woods and Charlie Watts (as well as a rotating cast of helpers who have moved in and out of the line up over the decades).

Deemed dangerous by more than a few politicians and other officials through the sixties, the Rolling Stones have almost become the establishment as they continue to evolve past a century's turn.

The song writing tandem of Jagger/Richards has provided a catalogue of work that has spanned genres (from blues to rock and country to disco) and reflected the shifts of our times.

Such is the fame of Jagger, that the New York Times has a featured archive of stories about his exploits through these many years of the rock and roll circus offering up a fascinating look at one of the leading figures of our time..

Longevity certainly moves a celebrity to the top of the A list, ability, popularity and relevance must however enshrine Mick Jagger and his mates there.


Anonymous said...

"Leading figure of our times."?
What did he lead ?

. said...

well other than being at the front of the counter culture line up of the sixties, there was this little rock and roll band that seemed to change the direction of rock and roll...

If you're going to put together a list of those that were important to that era, I imagine he'll be on there somewhere

Anonymous said...

Ah c'mon.He was a celebrity and a marketing pro.Even Kieth knows he is a jerk.