Monday, July 19, 2010

Tulani Ackerman tour rolls into Kamloops

Tulani Ackerman's Steps for Students tour is into Day 19 of her trek to Victoria and as  the Prince Rupert teacher moves through the Chilcotin region and on towards the Okanagan, she continues to hear the concerns of students, parents and educators over the current state of education in the province.

Ackerman, who is cycling and walking from Prince Rupert to the Legislature left Prince Rupert on Canada Day and the feedback from communities along the way has been instructive over the course of the last three weeks.

While stopped in Kamloops on Sunday she told the Kamloops Daily News that among the things she has learned so far is that people seem to be losing hope and confidence in our education system,  that students are not being given a broader range of education due to budgetary cuts and are losing connections with their teachers.

She also has tapped into a current from parents that blaming under funding may not be the whole answer to the problem, but rather how administrators are spending the money that they do have.

The tour is expected to reach Victoria by August 12th.

She has been posting an account of her travels on the StEps for students website, you can check out the progress thus far as she heads for the mid way point of her journey.

Below is some of the coverage of her trip so far.

Kamloops Daily News 
Houston Today

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