Saturday, July 24, 2010

Provincial funding from traffic fine collection for Prince Rupert tops the northwest

A combination of community grant funding and a share of Traffic fine revenues from Prince Rupert sources (ie: you folks that pay your traffic fines on time) has helped to put Prince Rupert into second place of Northwest communities in a recent funding announcement from the Province of British Columbia.

Public safety and other municipal services in the city will be topped up to $186,451 under a program which combines Small Community Grants and Traffic Fine Revenue sharing, the split in Prince Rupert being almost equal with the city receiving 92,271 under the Grant program and 93,730 from the shared revenue fund.

Of Northwest communities only Terrace received  slightly more overall funding under the shared plan, with that city collecting 194,675 dollars in funding.

Of the traffic fine enforcement program however, Rupert is clearly the leader in collecting revenue, the city's share of those funds at $93,730 is significantly higher than Terrace's $83,391 collected,  by comparison other northwest communities hauled in quite a bit less with Kitimat recording $49,532 in funding from traffic sources while Smithers only brought in $34,275. (Interestingly enough, Port Edward had no traffic fine funding listed in the report)

All together across British Columbia, the total funding for communities from both sources totalled $38.6 million dollars, the breakdown by community province wide can be found here.

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