Monday, July 12, 2010

Prince Rupert's secret weapons for tourist attraction

"Elsewhere, you may prefer to spend some time communing with nature at Prince Rupert, which is located on Kaien Island off the north coast of British Columbia. 

The destination is perfect for those who would rather spend time with animals than people on their holiday to Canada and boasts a plethora of eagles, bears and whales to see - as well as tame deer that wander the streets of Prince Rupert." -- Part of a travel synopsis of British Columbia from the British website

It would seem that our quietest of residents are perhaps our best ambassadors, would be tourists from the United Kingdom are learning of the charms of our city through a website which features short highlights of a variety of locales in British Columbia.

From the expected reviews of Vancouver and Victoria to a number of other locations spread from the ranch lands to the beaches as the travel blurb points.

Nature seems to be our secret weapon when it comes to luring the tourists, and while some of the reviews that are accumulating on a cruise ship review site may be rather negative,  when it comes to TravelBites UK, there's still much to see on the North coast, all be it the majority of it requiring a trek into the woods, out on the ocean or some strolling along the residential streets of the city.

And while we haven't yet come across any grizzly bears or any other form of the species yet and the eagles seem to be inclined to stay close to the fish plants these days  no doubt in hopes of a free meal, the deer who clearly realize that the city is now their stage are more than willing extras in the moving canvas of the Prince Rupert show.

This of course means that while local gardeners may find that  they're time in the spotlight is rather annoying, tourism officials may wish to open up the budget books to make sure that the streets and front yards of the city are ample and full for photo ops.

Our only hope is that the deer don't learn of their new found star power, as surely if they do, it won't be long before they seek out a spot on the city payroll and all the benefits that may come with it.

There are after all only so many free passes to the civic centre and Earl Mah Aquatic Centre to go around without having to share with the wildlife.

The full review of travel tips for BC bound visitors can be found here.

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