Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Africa welcomes the world

Sports great adventure finally got under way again on Friday, bringing to an end months if not years of great anticipation as the host nation South Africa opened up World Cup 2010 with a draw against Mexico.

With a rather huge home side advantage in the stands, the Banfana Banfana nearly took the opener, a possibility that would have set the host nation even more alive than it has seemed thus far, adding to the euphoria as they welcome the world to the first African hosted celebration of football.

And while Canada once again finds itself on the side of the pitch looking in, Canada's media outlets are providing some fairly comprehensive coverage of the World's most anticipated sporting spectacle.

Reflecting the wide diaspora of the world that calls our country home, Canadian media coverage offers up a wealth of information, from the CBC's extensive broadcast and web coverage through to the Globe and Mail's World Cup page which features some fascinating articles from one of Canada's best sports journalists Stephen Brunt.

As Canadians divide up their loyalties along ancient lines, or adopt long shot hopefuls as their own, everyone it seems has somebody to cheer for as we watch along in fascination from the eight venues in one of the most picturesque nations of the world.    

To follow along for the month we have some links and background on the event to help guide you through the Groups and on to the finale in mid July.

We will continue to add items as we come across them, your permanent link to this page can be found on our Items of note beyond Podunk feature on the right hand side of the blog.

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