Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, June 17, 2010)

Pondering the future of the Petroloonie, suddenly the EU is looking for Euro partners and Football Flu hits China, some of the items of note for Thursday's financials.

Globe and Mail-- BP CEO ‘devastated’ by spill
Globe and Mail-- EU to push for bank tax at G20
Globe and Mail-- Detroit 3 pull ahead in quality survey
National Post-- BP chief vows 'action' if costs trumped safety
National Post-- Petroloonie gains another catalyst
National Post-- Canadian economic roar will be tamed in second half of 2010, TD says
Vancouver Sun-- Vacancies rise, rents fall for Metro Vancouver's suburban office space
Vancouver Sun-- Provinces appear to pull together on trade deal with European Union
New York Times-- BP Chief Gives House Panel an Apology but Few Answers
New York Times-- E.U. Agrees to Publish Results of Stress Tests on Biggest Banks
New York Times-- Estonia Given Clearance to Adopt Euro
USA Today-- Harsh criticism for BP CEO Tony Hayward on Capitol Hill
USA Today-- Economic indicators signal continued slow growth
Guardian UK online-- Gulf oil spill: 'I don't recall', says BP chief to Congress
Guardian UK online-- UK may try to stop Iceland joining EU over bank collapse refund
Guardian UK online-- Strikes in China signal end to era of low-cost labour and cheap exports
The Independent-- BP chief Tony Hayward heckled by protester at US hearing
The Independent-- Spain: the new crisis in Euroland
Telegraph online UK-- Budget 2010: what should George Osborne do in the emergency Budget?
Telegraph online UK-- Budget 2010: Will Britain be a world-beater or an economic also-ran?
Telegraph online UK-- ECB must buy 'hundred of billions' of bonds to tame Europe's debt crisis
Melbourne Herald Sun-- BP drill debate hits our shores
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Card debt overtakes our mortgages
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- British IT firm Vertex Australia creates 600 Ballarat jobs
People's Daily-- Football craze proves a tough nut to crack for HR managers
People's Daily-- Labor woes may spur further automation moves at home
China Daily-- Yuan is overvalued, not undervalued: report
China Daily-- Pay hikes good for 'long term'
Times of India-- RBI in favour of deregulating savings rate
Times of India-- Inflation to test govt on oil reforms

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