Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Ron McLean!

Some folks it seems really do take that slogan of the City of Brotherly love to heart!

The bye day in the Stanley Cup play-offs didn't provide much in the way of down time for CBC Hockey Night in Canada host Ron McLean.

The counter foil to Don Cherry's intermission thoughts found himself part of a drama playing out on the Deleware River close to a restaurant that he and Cherry had chosen for dinner.

As they were settling in for their meal, a distraught woman ran into the restaurant to seek assistance for a man who had apparently thrown himself into the river. Like a modern day Captain Canuck, McLean was quick to the river side to lend a hand, in his case using a rope from the restaurant to help another man who had already arrived to render assistance  haul the man in.

As the story first broke across these tubes of information, the story was that McLean had jumped into the river to attempt to save the man, once all the excitement had died down he was quick to correct the official record, crediting the man who dove into the river with the recognition deserved for such a heroic act.

Still for McLean some credit no doubt is due as well, rushing out into a situation of which he knew nothing about does take a certain amount of courage and his assistance was most likely welcome in a very tense and possibly dangerous situation.

Needless to say, the fable of Ron McLean is growing across the internet, a dash of Canadianna that perhaps one day will join the ranks of Bill Barilko in a Tragically Hip ballad or maybe as a Stompin' Tom feature.

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