Friday, June 25, 2010

It's the economy (Friday June 25, 2010)

China looks to Canada for trade options, the HST is almost here and rifts appear at G20, some of the financial items for Friday.

Globe and Mail-- The $7-trillion challenge
Globe and Mail-- G20 must grapple with new era of government
Globe and Mail-- China seeks to double trade with Canada
National Post-- BP sinks to 14-year low on hurricane fears
National Post-- Double-dip recession unlikely, Europe worries overblown: Economist
National Post-- Canada urges G20 nations to cut deficits in half by 2013
Vancouver Sun-- HST: it’s just around the corner ...
Vancouver Sun-- FortisBC prompts fish concerns with planned Nicola Lake hydro project
New York Times-- Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table
New York Times-- The Renminbi Runaround
New York Times-- Banks Likely to Offset Impact of New Law, Analysts Say
USA Today-- Will new financial regulations prevent future meltdowns?
USA Today-- G-8 vows to 'follow through' on aid pledges
Guardian UK online-- G20 summit: Rifts in Toronto as US warns EU of double-dip recession risk
Guardian UK online-- Ireland at forefront of Chinese plans to conquer Europe
Guardian UK online-- Leaders divided over tackling national deficits
Independent UK online-- BP must not be destroyed, says Cameron as shares hit 14-year low
Independent UK online-- Rich nations accused of failing to keep their African aid promise
Telegraph UK online-- David Cameron calls on G20 to take 'unpopular' decisions for growth
Telegraph UK online-- BP oil spill: The more optimistic Tony Hayward sounds, the worse things get
Telegraph UK online-- Why NHS spending cannot be cut
Melbourne Herald Sun-- ACCC to decide BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto joint venture fate next month
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Gillard thanks BHP for scrapping ads
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Miners continue working on mining tax ads despite truce
People's Daily-- China not keen on yuan talks at G20
People's Daily-- Economists urge focus on domestic consumption
China Daily-- China, Canada aim to double trade
China Daily-- Yuan surges to highest in five years
Times of India-- Auto industry welcomes decontrol of petrol price
Times of India-- 'Interests of aam aadmi and poor have been safeguarded'

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