Monday, June 07, 2010

Putting forward the Port's message in Prince George

“We are providing a service to shippers who would normally use the ports of Long Beach, Seattle and Tacoma.” -- Port of Prince Rupert President CEO Don Krusel, outlining the port's vision of the future to a symposium in Prince George last week.  

In the last year and a bit, as the Port of Prince Rupert continued to improve on its throughput numbers notice was taken south of the British Columbia / Washington border as to the progress of that port up the coast, with Port Authorities from Washington through to California now aware of the competition, the secret of Port of Prince Rupert is out and it's planned expansion plans should give those southern ports even more to discuss in the future.

Port of Prince Rupert Chair and CEO Don Krusel, outlined the future development plans for the Northwest's gateway to the world in Prince George  last week part of a number of sessions of the Resources Expo on. The port's growth agenda was among a number of transportation items were up for examination and discussion. High among them the impact that Port of Prince Rupert could have, not just in Prince Rupert but along the Highway 16 corridor to Prince George and beyond.

Opinion 250 in Prince George offered up a review of the day's debating points, among the key points in Mr. Krusel's presentation were a bit of history of the pre-container days and a bit of forward thinking of a time when if all phases planned are completed, the Port could be the third largest operation on the coast of North America.

Now that we suspect will catch the eye of the likes of Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Long Beach.

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