Friday, June 04, 2010

It's the economy (Friday , June 4, 2010)

Another rattle for the economy, more tension on Canada's lumber front and a timely divestment of assets, some of the items of interest for Friday.

Globe and Mail-- U.S. joblessness, more Europe debt send tremors through recovery
Globe and Mail-- For BP, now come the lawyers
Globe and Mail-- U.S. producers slam B.C. lumber fees
National Post-- Wal-Mart moves into retail banking in Canada
National Post-- Saturday is tax freedom day
National Post-- U.S. job gloom hammers North American markets
Vancouver Sun-- Terasen proposes 11 per cent gas price cut
Vancouver Sun-- Metro Vancouver real estate edges off peak
New York Times-- Hungary Warns of Greek-Style Crisis
New York Times-- G.M.’s Gift of a Luxury Car Stuns a Few
New York Times-- Job Data Casts Pall Over Economic Recovery
USA Today-- Sotheby's plans auction of Lehman Bros. art works
USA Today-- Wal-Mart tinkers with sales plan, calls attention to price cuts
Guardian UK online-- BP hives off 'toxic' Gulf spill operation to dilute anti-British feeling in US
Guardian UK online-- Euro sinks to four-year low as Hungary fears being the next Greece
Guardian UK online--G20 delay on Basel III bank curbs
Times online UK-- Business can’t rely on oil after Deep Horizon
Times online UK-- Fragile economy must force G20 to tackle disparities
Telegraph UK online-- BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
Telegraph UK online-- Global markets tumble on US jobs and Hungary crisis fears
Telegraph UK online-- As Europe dithers, Britain must regulate
Melbourne Herald Sun-- 'Stop the tax brawl'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Austal wins $35m Guadeloupe ferry contract
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Kevin Rudd should delegate more, like Jesus, says Lindsay Fox
People's Daily-- Dragon can learn a few lessons from the elephant
People's Daily-- Food prices fall in late May: figures
China Daily-- Canada says time to pull back stimulus
China Daily-- African Minerals in funding talks with Chinese companies
Times of India-- ONGC, OIL can fix price of natural gas
Times of India-- ‘Banks threaten exporters with Cibil blacklist’

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