Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, June 2, 2010)

Globalization according to Buzz, speculating on the fate of BP, and a little bluster from down under, some of the items of interest from the financial world for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Nfld. official plays down oil spill worries
Globe and Mail-- Why BP’s Tony Hayward must go
Globe and Mail-- Buzz Hargrove: 'Globalization is largely a fraud'
National Post-- Rating agencies got it wrong, Buffett says
National Post-- BP oil leak could last until Christmas
National Post-- Labour shortage anticipated for energy sector
Vancouver Sun-- Weak B.C. home sales leads to revised national forecast
New York Times-- Ford to End Production of Its Mercury Line
New York Times-- Greece Announces Sale of State Assets
New York Times-- China Weighs Tighter Controls on Rare Elements
USA Today-- Obama: Roll back tax breaks for big oil, embrace clean energy
USA Today-- Should we care about Greece's problems? Not too much
Guardian UK online-- Worsening Deepwater situation prompts speculation over BP's future
Guardian UK online-- EU plans to create watchdog to curb credit rating agencies
Guardian UK online-- Warren Buffett tells US inquiry: it's easy to be wise after the event
Times on line UK-- BP to promise $10bn payday as criminal inquiry looms
Times on line UK-- This is the age of war between the generations
Telegraph UK online-- Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP must win over shareholders as well as fishermen
Telegraph UK online-- Why a 'new euro' could be the saviour of the European dream
Telegraph UK online-- Soaring inflation delivers an early warning to the new Government
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rio: We pay our fair share
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Spooked buyers wait
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Australian economy the 'envy' of the world
People's Daily-- Shenzhen aims to close to Singapore's GDP in five years
People's Daily-- China's restrictions on resource exports consistent with WTO rules: experts
China Daily-- Cheap labor has limits in manufacturing industry
China Daily-- Real estate developers to face financial difficulties: report
Times of India-- Michelin to hire about 200 people in India this year
Times of India-- Overdrive: Car sales zoom on fast track

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