Saturday, June 19, 2010

College President heads off to the Red River valley

"Red River College is a dynamic and innovative institution that makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of Manitoba," said Forsyth. "It is a good fit with my values and leadership style and a terrific opportunity." -- Now former President of Northwest Community College President Stephanie Forsyth, outlining some of the factors that led to her acceptance of a position with the Winnipeg based community college. 

Northwest Community College is once again seeking a new President, as Stephanie Forsyth brings to an end her 10 years at the head of the regional educational institution, concluding a decade of growth and change that began in September of 2000.

Ms. Forsyth  tendered her resignation to the NWCC board this week, after accepting a position in Winnipeg as the President at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology in the Manitoba capital.

No doubt one of the key ingredients to her successful application for the position has been her past experience at Northwest Community College and the focus on and advocacy for the First Nations communities of the region that she brought to the position.

The make up of the demographics in Winnipeg and at Red River will provide much of the same dynamic as that which greeted her arrival at the head office of the Terrace campus, and it's from her blue print in the northwest that Red River hopes to revitalize is programs.

In their  press release of Thursday, the chair of the Board of Governors at Red River College explained their enthusiasm for Ms. Forsythe's arrival on campus:

"Stephanie’s positive and supportive leadership style will nurture the people-centered culture we’re creating at Red River College," said Sheryl Feller, Chair of RRC’s Board of Governors. "The Board is particularly impressed with her commitment to enhancing post-secondary education for aboriginal students, which is a strategic priority for the College and the Province."

It marks the second time that she has tendered a resignation at Northwest Community College, in February of 2009 she had announced that she was leaving for Vancouver Community College but changed her thoughts on the move shortly after that announcement.

The second departure time seems more firm, Red River College advises that she will be taking up her duties in Manitoba on September 27th.

Northwest Community College will now begin its own process of seeking a replacement, no doubt considering applicants from the member campuses across the Northwest including the Prince Rupert campus, as well as from outside applicants who may have something unique to offer to the overall program of the region.

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