Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, June 23, 2010)

BC Business not ready for the HST, Apple's under the spotlight from its rivals and Mr. Soros warns on Germany, some of the financial items for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Gulf spill effects worsening for BP
Globe and Mail-- South Korea’s great escape
Globe and Mail-- Foresters hit by lumber’s double whammy
National Post-- Has stimulus become a dirty word?
National Post-- Congressmen lobby against TransCanada pipeline to U.S.
National Post-- Canada downplays G20 rift
Vancouver Sun-- Vancouver's small businesses more confident than Montreal, Toronto counterparts
Vancouver Sun-- Businesses in B.C., Ontario not ready for HST: survey
New York Times-- On Wall Street, So Much Cash, So Little Time
New York Times-- Apple’s Success Brings Scrutiny, and Rivals’ Envy
New York Times-- Fed Leaves Rates, Citing Overseas Threats
USA Today-- Gulf seafood takes bite out of restaurants
USA Today-- Strikes in China halt Toyota, Honda factories
Guardian UK online-- Budget will hit poor harder than rich, according to IFS report
Guardian UK online-- Soros warns that German economic policy could destroy eurozone
Guardian UK online-- World Cup spending fails to bring cheer to high street
The Independent-- Budget is not progressive, declares IFS
The Independent-- The limits of Mr Osborne's fairness
Telegraph UK online-- Peak oil postponed again
Telegraph UK online-- Bank of England's interest-rate policy faces VAT attack
Telegraph UK online-- Pensions shake-up could see most people working into their seventies
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rudd feels way toward tax deal
Melbourne Herald Sun-- High price commodities to drive export surge
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- IT firm NetApp is Australia's best place to work, survey shows
People's Daily-- Experts favor gradual stimulus exit
People's Daily-- Tough transition ahead
China Daily-- New boom set for trading hub
China Daily-- Regional plans gather pace
Times of India-- India's wealthy population crossed one-lakh mark in 2009
Times of India-- India to set up panel for boosting economic ties with US

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