Monday, June 21, 2010

Recycling advocate takes Regional District to task over accountability

Jean Martin, one of Prince Rupert's most passionate advocates for recycling in the city has addressed some concerns over the accountability of Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District to local taxpayers.

In a letter to the editor in Monday's Daily News, Ms. Martin outlines her disappointment at the policy for public comment that Regional District recently employed on Friday, as the board conducted proceedings over the debate over recycling centre options and the subsequent reduction in service to the community.

Her impression of the state of local debate when it comes to Regional District is that for the most part the concerns of those citizens with any opinions on the issues is for the most part disregarded, with locally elected members on the board not conveying those concerns voiced by taxpayers.

In a closing shot that will resonate with a good number of residents that are concerned about the mysterious ways of the Regional District system, she advises residents to check their property tax notice, especially the portion of which is dedicated to Regional District, a dedicated  financial contribution that she suggests is made without a voice in policy or operation.

It's the kind of talking point that could make for an uncomfortable feeling around the SQCRD discussion table, as local residents continue to seek out a bit more information about a level of government that seems to court controversy on a regular basis.

It's a level of government that few Rupertites seem to know much about,  and one that more than a few residents feel isn't particularly accountable to the taxpayer at the moment.

The full text of her letter can be found below.

Letter to the Editor
Prince Rupert Daily News 
Monday June 21, 2010
Page 4

SQCRD out of control... 

To the Editor, 

The Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Board is out of control and unaccountable to taxpayers.

For example, item 8.3 in the agenda for board meeting, Friday, June 18th. To quote, this policy is presented to fill the immediate need of the board for procedure in guiding the public question period.

Also in item 8.3, the public question period, will be limited to brief questions only and will commence at the end of the meeting after motions have been presented and the agenda is completed.

I have noted that our elected members on this board are not conveying the concerns voiced by our taxpayers with regard to reductions in service at Regional Recycling. 

Now, with adoption of item 8.3 on Friday June 18th public opinion will be totally disregarded. 

Check your property tax notice re: the amount you contribute to the local Regional District without a voice in policy or operations. -

Jean Martin

Most recently on the blog we tapped into a recent Queen Charlotte Islands Observer article, which took a look at some of the issues of the SQCRD, which continues to face financial concerns as it tries to come to terms with its budgetary challenges.

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